Jam Packed!

Our days at Deerhorn are simply busting at the seams with activity…saturated with experiences and friends and laughter. The Lake Superior Trip got back around 5:00 and everyone said the trip was amazing! They slept in tents but because the weather was good, they could leave the flies off the tents and see the stars as they fell asleep.  They loved picking raspberries but I think the highlight for many was the chainsaw carving demonstration. The kids said he was hilarious, looked like Santa Claus, and kept the audience riveted! Pictures from the trip are coming soon.

The zombie game continues at camp, with only a handful of our 15 year olds left as “survivors.”  Boys are having to get more creative where they hide from the zombies, as the heat is on to get those final few victims. They are having way too much fun!


Our Voyagers spent the afternoon in the lodge food packing, after Claire, Bryan, and  I spent the morning gathering 3 cart loads of groceries at Wal-Mart. 20 people x 3 meals a day x 8 days= a whole bunch of food! Voyagers had a great time planning their food and discussing their route through the Apostle Islands beginning on Friday. I think the food packing day gets them really excited because it makes the whole thing seem a lot more real when they get to see everything they will be eating for 8 days. Breakfasts like granola & oatmeal & pancakes, lunches of trail mix, tuna, & bagels, and dinners of pasta, burritos, & soup. Some of them turned their noses up at items like refried beans or tuna. We know that once they’re out in the wilderness, they’ll realize how much better food tastes out there! It’s always an adventure, helping 15 year olds learn to cook their own meals.


Breakfast was coffee cake, lunch was pizza fries, and dinner was barbecue chicken. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine today, and lots of campers had a blast going out to the Rave. Check out more great launches in our Shutterfly pics from today.

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