A Little Bit Tennis, A Little Bit Rock & Roll

My Favorite Thing About Camp #247…Spontaneity. There is definitely a lot of great tennis instruction going on at camp, and kids improve on their skills every session. But sometimes, you just have to break the mold, think outside the box, go a little crazy, and have a rock and roll contest. This morning the tennis counselors had a rock & roll contest in tennis class and it was absolutely hilarious to watch. Kids got SO into it, as you can see from our Shutterfly pictures from today.  Hair flying, voices belting out songs, playing their guitar on their racquets. It’s so fun to watch kids just get to be kids. Boys love our counselors because they are creative & fun-loving, and have a silly side just like they do.



On Sunday night, for koogee time, one of our counselors, Brad, did an entire scavenger hunt for his kids to complete. They followed clues all over camp, worked together, and absolutely loved it.  We’re proud of Brad for the extra work he put in to making koogee time great!

Sports & Games played sprout ball on Dick Kinney Field today. Sprout ball is one of the most popular games in camp, and games can go on for hours.  It’s a big circle, and played like dodgeball, but with every man for himself. If you get tagged out, you sit down until the guy who got you out gets out himself…then you’re back in the game! So essentially, one person has to get everyone out for the game to end…which rarely happens. Kids eat it up.

We were all excited for cinnamon rolls for breakfast and kids loved the ham and cheese roll ups for lunch. The sun shone most of the day except for a few brief showers after dinner.

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