E Session!

Our E session campers arrived today. We will miss the Voyagers while they are away, but we love inviting 12 new guys into the Deerhorn family, and showing them how great camp is. These boys are 7-10 and are coming to camp for the very first time. They will get a taste of camp this year and hopefully want to come back next year for even longer. What’s even cooler about this session is the interaction between these new guys and the rest of our 15 year olds. When the Voyagers are here, they are group 1 in activities. They have Sports & Games every day with group 2, who are also 14-15 years old. When the Voyagers leave, the E session boys take their place as group 1. So that means that the oldest kids in camp have Sports & Games every day with the youngest boys in camp. I know what you’re thinking…how does that work? Beautifully, actually. I watched Sports & Games play knock out and four square this afternoon, and it was so cool to listen to group 2 asking the new guys their names, where they were from, and describing different aspects of camp  to them.  They are the most amazing ambassadors for these young guys to look up to. Yes, it’s an adjustment for them to have a week of Sports & Games with the youngest kids in camp, but they rise to the challenge and make us proud. Who better to tell these new guys all about the wonders of Deerhorn? I asked them for a group photo, and they happily obliged, but then begged for silly ones as well.


It has been the most beautiful day at Deerhorn. Breezes, sunshine, warm temperatures…you couldn’t ask for a better day. The waterfront was busy this afternoon with water basketball, sailing, skiing, swimming, and canoeing. You can check out pictures from today’s activities HERE. Breakfast was pancakes and lunch was cold cut sandwiches.

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