And Then All Was Quiet…

It’s been five days since camp officially ended.  Usually I write a blog on the last day of Father Son camp, bringing the summer to a close.  But somewhere along the way that last day, as I said goodbye to so many good friends, helped take down camp in the driving rain, and took a […]

Fishing and Fun!

The day dawned a little dreary but the rain held off until this afternoon.  Fathers and sons took full advantage  of the morning and headed out for more trips to the Rave, horseback rides, and lots of shooting at the archery range.   Today was also guided fishing day, so most of our families jumped at […]

What Rain?

So our luck ran out a little on the weather today as we woke up to dark skies and pouring rain…but “Rain by seven, sun by 11.” as Big D used to say.  The morning was pretty rainy, so some dads and sons took field trips to play laser tag, see movies, or go bowling. […]

Good Friends, Good Times

We welcomed another awesome set of dads and sons today for our final session of the summer, Father Son 4.  Many of them have been to camp before, but there are also lots of new faces joining the Deerhorn Family.  We were blessed with incredible weather, lots of warmth for swimming and wind for sailing. […]

Smiles & Tears

This morning was the D session awards breakfast, and it was full of emotion, songs, cheers, and lots of great speeches.  The Deerhorn Sharpshooter award for top scores in riflery went to Henry Wolfe for juniors, Drew Bagnoli for intermediates, and Jack Hallinan for seniors. The tennis tournament champions were James Theriault for the 11 […]

The Water Campfire

What a day…it’s hard to put into words the last day of a Deerhorn summer…but I will try! We’ll get the menu out of the way first…cinnamon toast for breakfast, pizza bagels for lunch, and chicken fajitas for dinner.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  And the weather…the sun shone most of the day, with […]

Klepton & Other Fun

Every day, the Sports & Games counselors get up at breakfast to announce what game they will be playing that day.  As I have mentioned before, some are your traditional sports like baseball or soccer, but others are games 100% made up by counselors at Deerhorn.  And every day when that counselor gets up to […]


Today was another beautiful day of sunshine and blue skies.  We had an awesome day of meals, with coffee cake for breakfast, Italian subs for lunch, and chicken and biscuits for dinner.  Sports and Games played a game on DK Field called “Gasebolf,” which involves hitting a tennis ball with a golf club at home […]

Another Great Day!

Kids enjoyed lots more sunshine at camp today.  We had french toast for breakfast and then they were off to activities!  Sports & Games played ultimate frisbee on the soccer field, which everyone loves.   After sloppy joes for lunch, it was time for more fun in the sun. There were lots of trips down […]

Fun in the Sun

The clouds finally cleared after a dreary weekend, and we were all excited to see the sun again today.  After a laidback Sunday, kids were ready to jump back into regular activities, as they are realizing just how short this session really is…we’re halfway done?!?!?!  Breakfast this morning was blueberry scones, lunch was meatball subs, […]