Klepton & Other Fun

Every day, the Sports & Games counselors get up at breakfast to announce what game they will be playing that day.  As I have mentioned before, some are your traditional sports like baseball or soccer, but others are games 100% made up by counselors at Deerhorn.  And every day when that counselor gets up to make the announcement, at least one kid will clap his hands over his head, usually prompting others to do the same…hoping against hope that THAT day is when they will get to play Klepton.  When your camper gets home, be sure to ask him about it, as I’m sure there will be other words he will talk about that you will think, “What in the world is that?” Deerhorn Lingo…


So Klepton involves two teams, who have flags that can be pulled, and trying to “unite the ions” to take over the galaxy…or something like that. Each team has an ion, and so it’s kind of like capture the flag, in that each team is trying to get the other team’s ion and unite them to win the game.  When that ion is united, hands clapped over the head, all other players fall to the ground and that game is over. Kids eat it up, and it’s everyone’s favorite around here, second only to Scalp.



It’s hard to believe that today was the last full day of activities for the summer. Tomorrow’s schedule is slightly different.  So kids worked hard to get those last few stars in activities, and we all enjoyed another beautiful day of weather.



Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and toast, lunch was mini-corn dogs, and dinner was chicken alfredo.  After dinner, campers enjoyed the end of session counselor show, with many hilarious skits by our staff.  Sometimes it’s more fun to me to watch the kids watching the counselor show…especially the ones who are seeing it for the first time.  They are rolling, laughing so hard they are crying. It’s a sure highlight of each session. Some highlights of the counselor show can be found on our Facebook page.  Another day at Deerhorn packed full of fun!


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