And Then All Was Quiet…

It’s been five days since camp officially ended.  Usually I write a blog on the last day of Father Son camp, bringing the summer to a close.  But somewhere along the way that last day, as I said goodbye to so many good friends, helped take down camp in the driving rain, and took a minute to breathe, the blog got lost in the shuffle.  So here you go…the docks are out,  everyone has gone home, (except maybe McFadden, no one is ever quite sure when he leaves camp…) and camp is a quiet place once again.  It’s a little surreal to walk into camp the morning after, and be surrounded by the stillness.  I heard another camp director say once that the quiet after camp ends is like standing on a stopped treadmill, in an empty health club, where just a minute ago you had been running as fast as your legs could go. It always takes awhile to recover, to gain firm footing again, and to realize that I have longer than 8.5 minutes to eat a meal.  To those of you still anxiously waiting for the Water Campfire to be posted online, thank you for being patient.  It’s amazing how computers have the ability to make our lives easier and also much, much harder at times.  I hope to get it posted soon.

The summer of 2015 was phenomenal.  Time and again, our staff stepped in to help without being asked, and made camp a better place just by being there.  We are so lucky to also be able to call them friends.  The campers we had the privilege of knowing were kind, considerate, well-mannered, and just fun to be around.  And we are always grateful to get to be a part of the lives of so many incredible families.  Whether it was hanging out with dads at Father Son camp or greeting parents on opening or closing day of a session, we feel blessed to get to be a part of your life.  Thank you for trusting us with the care of your son.

We hope that the summer of 2015 was equally as special for your son.  We hope he wants to return in 2016, and maybe even bring a friend.  We hope to see you at a video presentation this winter.  If you would be interested in hosting one, please email  The fall and winter schedule will be posted soon on our website.  We hope you have a really great fall and winter, and we can’t wait to “See ya in spring!”  Thanks for being part of the Deerhorn Family.


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