On His Own

Sundays are a little different around Deerhorn.  We all get pretty excited to sleep in an extra hour and have breakfast at 9, which this morning was pancakes. After breakfast, kids enjoy a morning of free time, and some chose … Continued

The Deerhorn Way

The leaders did their draft last night and so at the end of morning activities, kids got to find out what teams they were on. There is always lots of excitement surrounding that event, but never as much as during … Continued

Rain Won’t Stop Us!

We’ve had a really great stretch of weather for weeks, with lots of sunshine and hardly any rain…but alas, it had to come to an end sometime.  Luckily, this rainy day seems to be the only one on the horizon … Continued

And We’re Off!

We are all so excited to get D Session started! We said goodbye to lots of great friends yesterday, in a session that only was about 8% new faces, and today we open a session with 45% of the kids … Continued

Time for Goodbyes

We ended our C session this morning with our awards breakfast. Many awards were passed out, including Most Improved Patches and those patches earned for stars.  We had lots of tournaments running this session, most organized by campers like Cooper Pierce … Continued


This morning after doughnuts for breakfast was the last morning of activities, and kids worked really hard to earn those last stars.  At rest hour, everyone got all their stuff packed up to go home or move koogees. This afternoon … Continued

Smiles & Silliness

The past few days have been pretty exciting around camp as the Zombie Apocalypse has been happening with our 15 and 16 year olds.  They all started the game a few days ago with blank white t-shirts. One of them … Continued


After days of sunshine and perfect weather, we woke (an hour later) to dark skies and thunderstorms…as monkey chatter filled the dining room and bananas hung from the rafters, the question on everyone’s mind was…Will the Monkeys go on? The … Continued

Another Great Day!

Tomorrow is the biggest Sunday event of the summer, the Monkey Relays. In preparation, there have been kids carrying ping pong balls on spoons all over camp…because, you have to practice that sort of thing. So much excitement and anticipation … Continued