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The leaders did their draft last night and so at the end of morning activities, kids got to find out what teams they were on. There is always lots of excitement surrounding that event, but never as much as during D session.  There were already lots of team cheers and chanting even just while they were getting their shirts.



Today was also a pretty amazing day when it came to meals.  Breakfast was doughnuts, lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, and dinner was chicken tenders with dirt cups for dessert…honestly, it doesn’t get much better than that! Sports and Games played World Cup Soccer today, and watching the expressions and victory celebrations every time a goal was scored was pretty priceless.  Their body slams in the air, and victory arms would have made you think they actually HAD just won the World Cup!


Since teams were announced today, that meant that tonight was the first game of all camp Scalp after dinner.  Two t-shirts as flags and every team is trying to pull the flags of the other teams. It’s hands-down the favorite camp game.  Patrick talked to the kids tonight at dinner about how we play Scalp at Deerhorn…not necessarily the rules, but the “Deerhorn Way.”  You see, when the younger kids or first year kids first start playing Scalp, they get all competitive and intense and pull flags and run away.  Junior Scalp consists of a lot of arguing.  But as kids are at Deerhorn for more years, they start to notice that the older guys, though they are still competitive, do something that might surprise you.  It’s commonplace on the soccer field to see someone pull another’s flag or accidentally knock them down, and then see them reach down and give them a hand up, or shake their hand and say “Nice job.”  THAT is the Deerhorn Way to play Scalp.  And as Patrick talked about this at dinner, kids listened…because sure enough, I watched a first year junior camper named Ty pull a kid’s flag and then give him a hand up and say “Nice job.”  I mean…wow. It’s yet another pretty cool thing your kids are learning at Deerhorn.


Pictures from tonight’s Scalp games will be posted tomorrow on our Shutterfly site.  The team draft, three awesome camp meals, AND Scalp…What a DAY!

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    can I get a link to the shutterfly site to see the pictures? If they will also be posted to FB, no worries as I can see them there.

    You can access our Shutterfly site easily through our homepage by clicking on the camera icon in the middle of the page, next to all the social media icons. You can also click on the link from the blog above.

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