It’s a Hot One!

Whew! With temperatures in the low 90s today, it was prime waterfront weather. Some activities can’t continue when it gets this hot, so counselors bring them down to the waterfront. Horseback riding is the prime example, but it also gets really hot on the Skeeter for basketball and on the tennis courts. So the waterfront […]

Sundays are Fun Days

We love Sundays at Camp Deerhorn. For one, it’s the only day of the week we get to sleep in an extra hour! Breakfast is at 9am instead of 8. But we also love it because it’s a break from the regular routine, and allows kids some rare free time. You just never know what […]

Deerhorn Brothers

I love taking brother pics at Deerhorn. As a mom, I know how much it means to moms and dads to see their sons together at Deerhorn. But I also love taking them because I know firsthand how special it is to share Deerhorn with your brother. My first year as a counselor was 1997 […]

Fun in the Sun

It was another beautiful day at Camp Deerhorn today! Blue skies, high 70s, perfect Northwoods Wisconsin summer day. Breakfast was egg and cheese quesadillas and bacon, lunch was homemade pizza, and dinner was chicken breasts and mac and cheese. But the crowning glory of the day was the dessert at dinner…at least for this chocolate […]

Wind & Sun & Koogee Fun

Yesterday’s storms gave way to blue skies and sunshine today…and WIND! It was a really windy day today, which was great for sailing, but not so much for canoeing and skiing. With highs in the 70s and plentiful sunshine, it was a beautiful day at camp. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and sausage, lunch was chicken […]

Ready for Team Comp!

It’s always a very exciting day when the teams are drafted and announced. Our third activity period of the day was shortened just a little so we had time to announce teams, pass out shirts, and get team pictures. Breakfast this morning was ham and cheese croissants and lunch was a huge taco bar spread…both […]

Finally Warm!

After a little bit cooler start to the summer, today it finally warmed up! All of our kids took their swim tests today, so they were very grateful for sunshine and temps in the high 80s! The first two days of activities consist of going over rules and safety in each activity, while also getting […]

A Session is Here!

While we love our Father Son camps, we are so excited to start our first camper-only session today. These A session kids will be here for 10 days and they arrived at camp with lots of excitement and smiles and hit the ground running! We had about 40 kids who stayed over from our second […]

Fishing in the Rain

We have to admit…the forecast for today was not good. It was calling for rain all day during our guided fishing. And even though it did rain for a couple of hours, that didn’t stop the fishing fun! A few dads canceled because of the rain, but others came back for round 2 in the […]

The Rave is Back!

Because we were closed in the summer of 2020, our water trampoline stayed in storage for an extra year. And during that extra year, mice decided to have their own party with the Rave. When we pulled it out in the spring of 2021, we knew there was no saving it. And thus began a […]