Here Comes the Sun

We awoke this morning to cloudy skies and rain. There was the possibility for storms, but at breakfast it was just light rain. In the middle of breakfast, our power suddenly went out!¬† Luckily, it was only a short outage … Continued

Tons of Fun

After some storms last night, today dawned sunny and beautiful again. The breeze off the lake made for a great day for sailing. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage. Lunch was baked chicken and baked potatoes. Dinner was … Continued

B Session Koogee Fun

Today’s weather was supposed to bring storms with it, but luckily the rain has held off for most of the day. Breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes and lunch was Taco Tuesday, so it’s been a banner day for meals so … Continued

A Beautiful Day

While it was only 50 degrees this morning when we woke up, the day warmed up to the most perfect sunny and 70 degrees. It was one of those days when the sun just sparkled on the water. A beautiful … Continued

Welcome to the Deerhorn Olympics!

After some rain last night, this morning dawned much cooler than this past week. It’s kind of a nice break from the heat and humidity. We love Sundays at Deerhorn, because it’s the only day where we get to sleep … Continued

B Teams Ready to Play!

The Leaders drafted last night so today was the day we announced the B session teams. There’s always a lot of excitement around that event! Kids were psyched to find out what team they’re on and get their team shirt … Continued

Settling in for B Session

After a busy day yesterday, our day started early today with the bell ringing at 7:15am. There were kids up earlier than that, of course, who just couldn’t wait to get the party started. Breakfast was ham, egg, and cheese … Continued

Here We Go Again!

Our first day of B session dawned¬† bright and beautiful today, and warmed up to a perfect 85 degrees with plentiful sunshine! We couldn’t ask for better weather to start a session. The kids who stayed over from A session, … Continued

Thanks, A Session!

We capped off our first camper session this morning with our awards breakfast. Kids earned points for stars and got patches for those points, from Trailblazer all the way up to a Super Warrior…Gus Johnson, who got Super Warrior in … Continued


It’s another hot one today at Camp Deerhorn, and it’s also the last full day of A session. We’re not quite sure where the time went, but these ten day sessions just fly by. It’s been a busy one! After … Continued