We might not have had the best weather for our first Sunday at Deerhorn, but we definitely had the best fun! We slept in an hour and had breakfast sandwiches at 9. Kids got to have some rare free time … Continued

Star Wars

Years ago, we had an activity at camp called Baseball/Soccer. Kids would go the the activity every day (two groups) and play baseball one day and soccer the next. About 12 years ago, we realized that kids were bored with … Continued

A Day of Sunshine

We welcomed a day of sunshine after the rains of yesterday. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast, lunch was sloppy joes, and dinner was fish and tater tots. Lots of kids ventured into the lake for sailing, skiing, swimming, and … Continued

The Fun Continues!

Our weather wasn’t the greatest today, though we managed to get through the morning activities before the rain started. And although rain changes things a little around camp, the show must go on! For a couple of activity periods, the … Continued

The CDH Draft

Kids always get super excited to find out what teams they are on, and with a 10 day session, that has to happen quickly. So the leaders woke up at 6am before breakfast to draft their teams and we announced … Continued

Off to a Great Start!

There were lots of kids up early this morning, long before the bell, ready to get going! (We’re talking before 6am, and breakfast is at 8!) The excitement during A session is contagious. Anytime the bell rings, or the announcement is … Continued

Turtle Flippers

You know it’s going to be a good session at camp when we page that the buses have arrived and all the kids who are already here go sprinting to wait at the bus door for their friends to get off. … Continued

More Fun Ahead!

Our second Father Son session ended this morning, and although it was raining most of the morning, we were grateful that it held off until this morning! We couldn’t have asked for better weather the past three days. We had … Continued

The Legacy

David Allen was a Deerhorn camper in the 1950s. He taught sailing later as a counselor. And now he gets to bring his grandsons back and teach them how to sail at Deerhorn. How cool is that? This Father Son … Continued

Tired But Happy

Other than a brief shower this afternoon, we enjoyed another day of incredible weather at Deerhorn! More sun, more breeze, and slightly cooler temperatures made for perfect Deerhorn weather. Breakfast was pancakes, which is always a favorite, and lunch was … Continued