Learning the Ropes

Today was the sunshine we have been awaiting for days! Blue skies, and a breeze off the lake, and activities are off to a great start. Breakfast this morning was pancakes. Kids headed back to their koogees after breakfast to get them cleaned up. When the bell rang, campers headed to the lodge to find out their activity group, and then the action could begin!

Campers have six activities Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the other six Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The only activity they have every day is Sports and Games, so that two groups come together to play team sports and made up games. Today’s Sports and Games activity was World Cup Soccer.

The first two days of activities there are a lot of orientations and rules to go over in each activity to make sure we keep everyone safe. And after fish sandwiches for lunch today, campers who just arrived for this session had a meeting to go over general rules and expectations of camp, including emergency protocols. It’s a lot to fit into the first two days, but there’s a lot of fun to be had too!

After chicken fajitas for dinner, and cupcakes for dessert, campers did a little koogee competition with team sports. The leaders will draft their teams tomorrow night, and kids will find out their teams on Sunday morning. Lots of friendships are being formed in these first few days, as well as others being rekindled!

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