Off to a Great Start!

There were lots of kids up early this morning, long before the bell, ready to get going! (We’re talking before 6am, and breakfast is at 8!) The excitement during A session is contagious. Anytime the bell rings, or the announcement is made for kids to report to the lodge, they run…everywhere….like there is no time to […]

Turtle Flippers

You know it’s going to be a good session at camp when we page that the buses have arrived and all the kids who are already here go sprinting to wait at the bus door for their friends to get off. It’s so awesome to watch and it embodies the Deerhorn Spirit. Not only are these […]

More Fun Ahead!

Our second Father Son session ended this morning, and although it was raining most of the morning, we were grateful that it held off until this morning! We couldn’t have asked for better weather the past three days. We had a few activities this morning, like riflery and crafts, but most of our staff worked […]

The Legacy

David Allen was a Deerhorn camper in the 1950s. He taught sailing later as a counselor. And now he gets to bring his grandsons back and teach them how to sail at Deerhorn. How cool is that? This Father Son session is full of stories like that… Will Jones, whose son, Liam, is a third […]

Tired But Happy

Other than a brief shower this afternoon, we enjoyed another day of incredible weather at Deerhorn! More sun, more breeze, and slightly cooler temperatures made for perfect Deerhorn weather. Breakfast was pancakes, which is always a favorite, and lunch was chicken patties, also a crowd pleaser. As always, riflery and archery were packed most of […]

Let’s Do It Again!

Our first Father Son camp ended yesterday and it was amazing. I realized there was no blog yesterday because we were so busy preparing for our next Father Son session! One of the greatest gifts of our job is getting to meet so many incredible people…people we count ourselves lucky to call friends. Hugging old […]

So Good

It really is, friends…life is so good. The sun was shining, the smiles were wide, and we were surrounded by some of the best people you could ever hope to meet. It was another incredible day at Deerhorn, when even the weather cooperated. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and toast, and then it was […]

Here Comes the Sun!

This picture pretty much sums up how excited we all were for the sun to come out this morning! We were blessed with the most beautiful, warm day, and the waterfront was the happening place, with lines for the Rave most of the day. There was definitely still lots of action at the other activities…riflery […]


Welcome to the summer of 2017! Today was the first day of our first Father Son camp. The day dawned bright and beautiful, warm and promising…we wish it would have stayed that way! Dads who arrived this morning were able to get in a morning of activities before thunderstorms came through at lunch. Even in […]