An End…and the Fun Continues!

We ended our A session this morning with our awards breakfast, complete with waffles and strawberries for breakfast. We passed out lots of patches for stars earned in activities, as well as Most Improved patches in each activity. We like to focus on improvement in our activities, rather than on who is the best.  The winners of the tennis tournament were Danny Birmingham for 11 and under, and Kolben Kasten for 12 and up.  The winner of the ping pong tournament was Will Strickland.

Rifle awards for high score went to Jamie Rosenzweig for juniors, Teddy Unruh for intermediates, and Scott Phadnis for seniors. The winners of the Deerhorn Spirit awards were Ryan Jalics for junior, Andrew Burden for intermediates, and Rian Zeman for seniors. Outstanding Camper trophies for the A session went to Walker Blaustein for juniors, Jonas Johnson for intermediates, and Reid Staubitz for seniors. Speeches from the awards can be seen on our Facebook page.

Our Team Comp page will be updated later with point totals, but after the A session, Chippewa is in first place, followed by Navajo in second, Iroquois in third, and Apache in fourth.

And so after breakfast, we all said our goodbyes to about 100 kids who are headed home. Goodbyes are never easy, and it’s always so sweet to see little ones (especially first year campers) who are in tears because they have to leave. We hope they will come back next year for longer than 10 days!

But the fun continues, as we have 40 kids who are staying on for B session. They took a bus to Minocqua for the day of fun. First they saw a lumberjack show and then they spent the afternoon bowling and will have pizza before heading back to camp for a movie in the lodge. The weather, unfortunately, has not been cooperating, as it’s been raining all day, but luckily most of their activities are inside this afternoon! We will hope for better weather tomorrow!

(The above picture is from the bus on the way to Minocqua. Leaders TJ and Parker are apparently exhausted. Being a leader is hard! 🙂

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