The Fun Continues!

Our weather wasn’t the greatest today, though we managed to get through the morning activities before the rain started. And although rain changes things a little around camp, the show must go on! For a couple of activity periods, the rain kept most of us inside. Arts and crafts and riflery continued uninterrupted, but other activities took to the stables, the lodge, or porches. They played board games like Apples to Apples, or rafterball or ping pong.

The rain quit during the last activity period, so activities headed back outside, and some hearty souls even took to the water for some swimming and skiing. (Even on a 60 degree day!) Breakfast this morning was french toast, lunch was pizza bagels (score!), and dinner was roast beef and noodles.

The rest of these pictures are from Scalp last night, because they’re just so fun…and they often tell a better story than I do.   It’s easy to see from the pictures that kids LOVE Scalp and you can find tons more pictures on our Shutterfly site. And don’t worry…those crazy ones you see on Shutterfly with kids leaping over other kids to get flags…it all looks super competitive, but it always ends with high fives and hugs. “…to have a kind word for the opposing side” as the Deerhorn Creed says.

And these guys? The four camp leaders…Walt, TJ, Michael, and Parker. We are lucky to have them. Rock stars, each one. Amazing role models for all campers to look up to. The Deerhorn Creed personified.

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