A Great End to A

Finally we caught a break in the weather! We couldn’t ask for better weather for the last full day of A session. Sunny and 70 degrees, it was a perfect Deerhorn day!

Breakfast this morning was omelets and toast, lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, and dinner was ravioli. We spent a lot of time at lunch passing out lost and found, and then there was a new giant pile of it at dinner time! MANY thanks to all of you parents who put their son’s names on everything he brings to camp! It makes our job so much easier and it ensures that his clothes will come home! You would be amazed at how much no name lost and found is never claimed and is taken to the homeless shelter the following spring!

So this morning was three regular activity periods and Sports and Games played baseball up on DK Field. After lunch, kids packed up their stuff at rest hour and we loaded up the trunks for departures tomorrow. This afternoon was three periods of team competition, ending in a third period of Scalp, younger kids on the baseball field, older kids on the soccer field. Scalp can get pretty intense, and look something like this…

But then oftentimes ends like this…

Whether they are on the same team or different teams, you will find kids on the field giving each other a hand up after they have fallen, or hugging congratulations after a good pull. After dinner tonight was the counselor show, which is always hilarious and the lodge went wild with tons of funny skits. It’s hard to believe the first session is already in the books! It’s been a great one!

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