Learning the Ropes

Today was the sunshine we have been awaiting for days! Blue skies, and a breeze off the lake, and activities are off to a great start. Breakfast this morning was pancakes. Kids headed back to their koogees after breakfast to get them cleaned up. When the bell rang, campers headed to the lodge to find […]

B Session Begins!

Though the day dawned cloudy and cooler, the rain has held off all day. We had 40 kids stay over from A session, and they did activities throughout the day like sprout ball, archery, and mountain biking. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and BLTs for lunch. We had a few campers arrive by car […]

An End…and the Fun Continues!

We ended our A session this morning with our awards breakfast, complete with waffles and strawberries for breakfast. We passed out lots of patches for stars earned in activities, as well as Most Improved patches in each activity. We like to focus on improvement in our activities, rather than on who is the best.  The […]

A Great End to A

Finally we caught a break in the weather! We couldn’t ask for better weather for the last full day of A session. Sunny and 70 degrees, it was a perfect Deerhorn day! Breakfast this morning was omelets and toast, lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, and dinner was ravioli. We spent a lot of […]

Brothers and Others

It speaks volumes about a summer at Deerhorn when I try to take photos of brothers who are at camp together. I make the announcement at lunch, asking all brothers or cousins to meet me outside the lodge after lunch. And inevitably there are others who come who simply want their picture together. They say “I […]


We might not have had the best weather for our first Sunday at Deerhorn, but we definitely had the best fun! We slept in an hour and had breakfast sandwiches at 9. Kids got to have some rare free time this morning where they hung out with their koogee mates, played ping pong, ultimate frisbee, […]

Star Wars

Years ago, we had an activity at camp called Baseball/Soccer. Kids would go the the activity every day (two groups) and play baseball one day and soccer the next. About 12 years ago, we realized that kids were bored with that activity because they get to play those at home. So a new activity was […]

A Day of Sunshine

We welcomed a day of sunshine after the rains of yesterday. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and toast, lunch was sloppy joes, and dinner was fish and tater tots. Lots of kids ventured into the lake for sailing, skiing, swimming, and kayaking, and there was still a line for the Rave at General Swim. Sports and […]

The Fun Continues!

Our weather wasn’t the greatest today, though we managed to get through the morning activities before the rain started. And although rain changes things a little around camp, the show must go on! For a couple of activity periods, the rain kept most of us inside. Arts and crafts and riflery continued uninterrupted, but other […]

The CDH Draft

Kids always get super excited to find out what teams they are on, and with a 10 day session, that has to happen quickly. So the leaders woke up at 6am before breakfast to draft their teams and we announced them just before lunch. We passed out their team shirts, and we even managed to wrangle […]