More Fun Ahead!

Our second Father Son session ended this morning, and although it was raining most of the morning, we were grateful that it held off until this morning! We couldn’t have asked for better weather the past three days. We had a few activities this morning, like riflery and crafts, but most of our staff worked on cleaning koogees so that kids could move into their A session koogee.

We couldn’t be more excited that we have 40 kids staying over for A session! We helped them move into their koogees and then after lunch they got to play some sprout ball on the baseball field, since the rain finally cleared.

At 2:00, they all boarded a bus and headed to The Waters of Minocqua, a small waterpark in Minocqua. They were all super excited to go. They will eat dinner at the waterpark and head back to camp later this evening.

I’m sure it was tough for some of you to leave your sons this morning. There were a few tears, and some of them were staying by themselves for the first time. Take heart in knowing that we will help them through any initial homesickness, and it doesn’t take long for kids to conquer it!! The first night or two can be a little tough, but conquering homesickness is a huge victory and confidence builder.

Thank you to all the dads who joined us for FS2, and thank you for trusting us with your sons for the next 10 days! They are going to have a great time!

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