Friendships and Fun

More fun and more sunshine made up our Wednesday! We love taking pictures around camp and seeing how much fun kids are having with friends…when even teenagers want to have their picture taken with their buddies…we love watching friendships grow and listening to the giggles as kids are silly together. No ego, no self-consciousness, no […]

Another Good Day at Deerhorn

Well, what can I say? The beauty of C session is the settling into the camp routine. Enjoying activities, building friendships, improving a little more each day in everything we do! Our E session boys have also settled into the camp routine, and are feeling very comfortable around camp.¬† Breakfast was yummy french toast and […]

Smiles and Sails

It was another gorgeous day at camp! Perfect for waterfront activities. Our new Hobie got a lot of action out on the lake today. We are so grateful to the Charlton Family for donating their Hobie to camp. It is an amazing addition to our fleet and kids have so much fun on it! Breakfast […]

Attack of the Sioux

Sundays are definitely fun days at Camp Deerhorn! While most of us were excited to sleep in an extra hour, the Spike Bucks said “No, thanks! We just got here and there’s no time to waste!” Most of them were up this morning around 5am…three hours before the bell rang! They were busy playing tennis, […]

Our Spike Bucks are Here!

Today we welcomed 11 1st year campers who are between the ages of 7 and 10. It’s our E session, but we affectionately call them our Spike Bucks. And just like our C7 campers last week, these kids hit the ground running and are ready for an awesome week! They moved into their koogees this¬† […]

The Next Adventure

We woke this morning to blue skies and sunshine and yet another 80 degree day. The lake water has warmed up so nicely with all the sunshine we’ve had and it’s perfect for swimming and all of our other water sports! Breakfast was waffles and ham, lunch was tacos, and we’re all excited for pizza […]

The Deerhorn Brothers

It’s so fun when we announce that we’re doing brother pictures and kids show up en masse. Not just real brothers and cousins, but groups of kids who consider themselves brothers through their friendship at Deerhorn. Boys who typically don’t like having their picture taken show up to get one with their buddies. (Though there […]

Packing and Playing

The day dawned sunny and warm and we were able to enjoy at least half a day of regular activities before the rain came around 2:00. Kids swam, played on the beach, sailed, kayaked, and skied, enjoying the morning of perfect waterfront weather. The Voyagers spent the first half of the afternoon food packing for […]

Koogee Good Times

It was another beautiful day at Deerhorn today! Perfect Northern Wisconsin weather, cool morning warming to sunshine perfection. And we’ve had so much sunshine this summer that the lake has warmed up beautifully as well! Breakfast this morning was sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches and tater tots. (Everybody loves the tots!) Lunch was slopping […]

Great Start to the Week!

We are loving this beautiful weather! It gets down in the 50s at night, which is great for sleeping, but warms to a perfect sunny 80 degrees each day! The waterfront was hopping today as kids had fun kayaking, sailing, swimming, and playing water basketball! Sports and Games played Balcoball today, which is yet another […]