Koogee Good Times

It was another beautiful day at Deerhorn today! Perfect Northern Wisconsin weather, cool morning warming to sunshine perfection. And we’ve had so much sunshine this summer that the lake has warmed up beautifully as well!

Breakfast this morning was sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches and tater tots. (Everybody loves the tots!) Lunch was slopping joes and potato wedges. Sports and Games is playing ultimate frisbee on the soccer field.

It’s always fun getting koogee pictures at rest hour. There are always some bumps in the road as kids learn how to share a space for three weeks. But for many kids, the koogee experience is their favorite part of Deerhorn! Talking after lights out, playing games during rest hour, just hanging out during free time…lots of fun to be had!

Our C7 session ends tomorrow, and it’s hard to believe they are already packing up. Fifteen kids who are just staying with us a week this year, but we hope next year they want to come back for longer. One week simply isn’t enough!

The rest of the koogee photos can be found on our Facebook page, and will be added to our Shutterfly site. We hope your day was as full of sunshine and good times as ours was!

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