Settling in for B Session

After a busy day yesterday, our day started early today with the bell ringing at 7:15am. There were kids up earlier than that, of course, who just couldn’t wait to get the party started. Breakfast was ham, egg, and cheese croissants. After breakfast, kids headed back to their koogees to clean up and get ready for the day.

At 9am, kids headed to the lodge to find out what activity group they were in for the session. Kids have six activity periods MWF, and six on TThSat. Three periods in the morning and three in the afternoon. The only activity kids have every day is Sports and Games so two groups can combine to play team sports and fun crazy games. Today Sports and Games played Star Wars, one of many games made up by our staff over the years.

They will have a brief meeting after lunch to go over a few camp rules, and then have three more activities this afternoon. They are settling into the routine and excited about all the activities to come. With another day of warm sunshine and blue skies, we know it’s going to be another banner Deerhorn Day!

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