B Session Koogee Fun

Today’s weather was supposed to bring storms with it, but luckily the rain has held off for most of the day. Breakfast was chocolate chip pancakes and lunch was Taco Tuesday, so it’s been a banner day for meals so far!

We took koogee pictures today at rest hour, and those are always fun to see. For many kids, the koogee experience is their favorite part of Camp Deerhorn…sleeping in bunk beds, whispering to your friends at night, hanging out playing games during rest hour…the fun never ends!

Kids are working hard to earn stars in activities and have settled into the camp routine. This is a great group of kids. Our family is sitting with koogee 2 at meals this first week of B session, and they are so fun…always polite and kind to each other, they ask questions and hang on every word of your answer.  And based on the fact that I can’t keep my store shelves stocked because kids are buying so much gear, I think they’re all pretty excited to be at camp!

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