It’s another hot one today at Camp Deerhorn, and it’s also the last full day of A session. We’re not quite sure where the time went, but these ten day sessions just fly by. It’s been a busy one! After scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage for breakfast, kids had their final three activity periods of A sessions, working hard to earn those final stars. Sports and Games played Quidditch on the soccer field. (no flying broomsticks, but plenty of fun!)


After delicious chicken tacos for lunch, it was time to pack up during rest hour. The afternoon was full of three activity periods of team competition, including games like koogee ball and Gasebolf (pictured above.) That game involves hitting a tennis ball with a golf club and then running the bases backward. I’m sure your camper will have lots of games to tell you about when he gets home!


The third period of the afternoon was Braveheart, everyone’s favorite game. After meatloaf for dinner (and delicious cupcakes for dessert!) kids were super excited for the counselor show, with lots of hilarious skits done by our staff. It was a whirlwind of a day to end a whirlwind of a session! Our internet is being very slow today, so all of today’s photos are taking forever to upload. We will share them when they are finally finished.


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