America and the Olympics

WHEW! What a full day it has been! We got to sleep in an hour this morning and have breakfast at 9, and our morning was a little lazier with some camper free time. But the rest of the day was packed full! Breakfast was doughnuts and sausage, lunch was tacos, and dinner was burgers and hot dogs.

We definitely celebrate the 4th of July around here, but today was also the Olympics as the big Sunday event. All four teams competed against each other in three periods of competition, including soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, a triathlon, and many other events.

After dinner was the 4th of July relays up on the baseball field, like the dizzy bat and caterpillar race. After the relays, we’ll all head down to the beach for some Deerhorn fireworks! Our 4th of July has been packed full of fun and friendship, and we hope yours was too!

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