“All Boys Should Go to Deerhorn”

Today’s blog post is another essay written by a Deerhorn camper, Will Matthei-Schmidt.  Truly, we love reading these and hearing a camper’s first person perspective about what life at Deerhorn is like.  I love Will’s essay, because it shows such growth.  Will came to Deerhorn for the first time this summer, as a 10 year old camper.  He was very quiet and reserved, and though he seemed happy, we weren’t ever quite sure what he truly thought about camp.  Then he went home and wrote this essay.  His words speak louder than ours ever could, because it shows the impact a summer at Deerhorn has on a boy, even if the grown-ups don’t fully realize it at the time. Thanks, Will, for sharing this with us!

There are many camps boys go to over the summer.  Camp Deerhorn offers the best activities of them all.  First, it is so much fun.  Second the food there is amazing.  Lastly, it helps boys gain more independence. I believe that all boys should go to Camp Deerhorn.

Camp Deerhorn is really fun.  It is really fun because you get to make new friends who are in your koogee.  One of the best activities they had was the rifle range.  Another fun team activity is Scalp.  All boys can learn Scalp easily.

Secondly, the food is terrific at Camp Deerhorn.  The best breakfast I had was donuts, waffles, and the fruit bar.  Every lunch and dinner there’s a salad bar.  It’s always really crowded so I suggest you wait until dinner’s almost over to get in line.  If you went to Camp Deerhorn, you would have awesome food.

Finally, Camp Deerhorn helps boys become independent.  Camp Deerhorn helps boys understand what it’s like away from home.  You make new friendships and you may see old friends from home too.  Also, you learn how to figure out solutions to problems on your own.  The most important thing you learn is to be organized.

These are many reasons why boys should go to Camp Deerhorn.  Boys have a lot of fun, the food is good, and you learn independence.  I think all boys should go to Camp Deerhorn over the summer.

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