Fishing and More Fun

It rained all night, and when we woke this morning, it was grey and drizzling, but by breakfast the rain had stopped and it was done for the day! We were very grateful, especially since today was our guided fishing … Continued

Another Day of Fun

While there was some cloud cover throughout the day, it warmed up nicely and made for a great day down on the waterfront. Activities ran all day and dads and sons enjoyed the craft shop, horseback rides, and mountain biking … Continued

Father and Son and Tons of Fun

We were excited to kick off our third Father Son camp of the summer. We had breakfast at 8 (doughnuts and cinnamon rolls and bacon, which the kids who stayed over were thrilled about!). We opened up activities at 9am … Continued

The Big Finish

The Water Campfire last night was an incredible send off for our four Leaders. It was very emotional and reminded all who were present why we love Deerhorn so much. The awards breakfast this morning was the same. All of … Continued

The 2019 Water Campfire

This night always sneaks up on us. All of a sudden camper only sessions are over and it’s time for the Water Campfire. After breakfast sandwiches and tater tots for breakfast, kids had three final activity periods this morning, trying … Continued

The Fun of a Koogee

We managed to get a few fun groups of photos over the past few days. We announce at one of the meals that we are taking brother pictures and that anyone who wants their photo taken with their brother, cousin, … Continued

The Fun Continues

Today’s weather has been really weird. It’s sunny, then it storms for five minutes. It’s sunny, then it’s dark and we hear thunder. It makes activities a little tricky, because we want to either run regular activities or go with … Continued

More Sports and Games

Today was another beautiful day at Camp Deerhorn. Breakfast was french toast sticks and sausage, lunch was sub sandwiches, and dinner was penne with meat sauce, caesar salad, and homemade bread. Activities are in full swing, as campers work for … Continued

Already Halfway?

Yesterday’s team event was super fun and the Iroquois came out on top! Chippewa came in second, the Navajo came in third, and the Apache came in fourth. Kids had a great time, and we all enjoyed an extra long … Continued

The 2019 Decathlon

Sundays are a little bit different at Camp Deerhorn. We are all super excited to sleep in every Sunday, having breakfast at 9am instead of 8am. And this Sunday’s breakfast was an extra special treat. Fred, one of our chefs, … Continued