It Was Good

Last night’s Water Campfire was incredible. For the first time in Deerhorn history, there were 8 Leaders paddling in, lighting the fire, and giving speeches to cap off their Leader summer. It was a beautiful, emotional night, and a perfect … Continued


It was another great day at Deerhorn. The last morning of regular activities for the summer of 2021. An afternoon of team competition. A Water Campfire tonight to celebrate the Leaders and their legacy at Deerhorn. And a perfect sunny … Continued

Brotherly Love

It’s always so fun taking brother pictures at Deerhorn. But it was even more amazing this morning to see how many brothers are here together at Deerhorn this session! There were 27 sets of brothers who showed up! Two brothers, … Continued

More Fun in the Sun

It was another gorgeous day at camp, filled with sunshine and good times! Breakfast was cheesy scrambled eggs, potatoes, and ham. Lunch was chicken tacos, and dinner was pork roast, baked potatoes, and cooked carrots. Sports and Games played flag … Continued

D Session Koogee Fun

It’s been a busy few days for us as camp directors, but for kids at Deerhorn, camp life goes on. The sun is shining, the kids are having fun in activities, and there is always a Deerhorn dog around every … Continued

Hooray for Today!

This weather is amazing! Perfect Wisconsin summer weather. The sun shone in the blue sky and the breeze blew off the lake, making for perfect sailing weather on Fourth Lake. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy. … Continued

The 2021 Decathlon

It was another gorgeous day again here at Camp Deerhorn! We were all grateful for an extra hour of sleep, as the bell rang at 8:15 and we ate breakfast at 9. One of our chefs, Fred, got up at … Continued

Tons of Fun

We are so grateful for the beautiful weather we have had these past few days! The nights are cool for sleeping and the days warm to a perfect 75 degrees. The humidity has dropped considerably, creating the perfect Wisconsin summer … Continued

The D Session Draft!

D session kids hit the ground running this morning.. Bright and early around 5:30am, there were already kids running around camp, playing tennis and basketball, not wasting any time having fun at camp! We had sausage and egg croissant sandwiches … Continued