Light in the Darkness

I just finished reading a book called “Everything Happens for a Reason-(and other lies I’ve loved)” by Kate Bowler. She was diagnosed a few years ago with stage 4 colon cancer, and her book is frank and honest and beautifully … Continued

Just Show Up

On Tuesday, the Deerhorn Family said goodbye, once again, to one of our own. The service was beautiful, the church was packed, and there were quite a few Deerhorn staff and campers in attendance. I would expect nothing less. Gabe … Continued

The Unimaginable

There are moments that the words don’t reach. There is suffering too terrible to name. You hold your child as tight as you can, And push away the unimaginable. The moments when you’re in so deep, It feels easier to … Continued


At the end of September, the Chicago Tribune ran an article in the business section called “Camp Allows Adults to Connect, Without Cell Coverage.” It talked about a conference called Fireside, which describes itself as an off-the-grid retreat for entrepreneurs … Continued

Problem Solving

Last Friday, I shared an article on our social media sites entitled, “Lawnmower Parents are the New Helicopter Parents.” I shared it not to accuse or label. The article simply hit home for me. I think that all of us, … Continued

2019 Leaders

It’s hard to believe that this day has arrived once again. Every summer, we are lucky¬† enough to spend at least five weeks with some of the most incredible 15 year olds you could ever hope to meet. It’s the … Continued

Dear Friends

Dear Friends, The week has gotten away from me. Every year, camp ends in such a whirlwind of taking docks out, packing equipment away, cleaning koogees, and saying goodbyes. And then the whirlwind of packing up our own house to … Continued

The Perfect Ending

The morning dawned cloudy and cool, but we were all pretty happy to wear sweatshirts for just a little while. By lunchtime, the clouds had burned off, taking the humidity with them, and left us with the perfect Northwoods afternoon … Continued

Another Beauty of a Day

This weather is pretty incredible for August in the Northwoods! Dads who were here last year at this time are amazed at how warm the water is and how hot it is outside! Luckily nights are still cool for good … Continued

Ready to Go!

Our fourth and final Father Son camp started this morning with foggy skies and the threat of rain this afternoon. But as dads arrived all day, the clouds burned off and gave way to sunshine and warm temperatures yet again. … Continued