Another Beauty of a Day

This weather is pretty incredible for August in the Northwoods! Dads who were here last year at this time are amazed at how warm the water is and how hot it is outside! Luckily nights are still cool for good … Continued

Ready to Go!

Our fourth and final Father Son camp started this morning with foggy skies and the threat of rain this afternoon. But as dads arrived all day, the clouds burned off and gave way to sunshine and warm temperatures yet again. … Continued


That sight never gets old. (and yes, it’s real) That incredible bird sat at the top of the tree above the waterslide for half the morning. Maybe he was drawn by the fishing boats coming into the dock every hour. … Continued

Another Beauty

It was another beauty of a day here at Deerhorn, this time with a perfect breeze off the lake to make sailing a popular destination. The waterfront was once again busy, keeping our ski boat drivers occupied all afternoon with … Continued

A Perfect 10

What a day! We could not have asked for a better start to our third Father Son session. Some of us might request that it wasn’t quite so hot, but that just meant that the waterfront was the perfect place … Continued

A Beautiful Ending

What an incredible 24 hours it has been. The Water Campfire was full of amazing speeches and plenty of tears shed. It was a beautiful way to end the session, but today’s awards breakfast was the icing on the cake. … Continued

The 2018 Water Campfire

This day always has a way of surprising us. When June arrives, the summer seems stretched out ahead of us, but then one day we wake up and it’s the day of the Water Campfire, and we are wrapping up … Continued

Never a Dull Moment

Many of our staff members have been here all summer. They have done an incredible job, spending extra time with kids, finding new ways to make activities fun, and spreading sunshine wherever they go…like Jake. He’s been in the craft … Continued

Koogee Life Lessons

It was another beautiful day at Camp Deerhorn, with sunshine and cool breezes off the lake. Sports and Games played a game called Balco Ball, which involves a whiffle ball wrapped in duct tape. They played in the outfield of … Continued

Already Halfway

Our ten day sessions sure fly by quickly. We are already more than halfway through this session, which ends Saturday morning. Kids are having a great time in activities and working to earn their stars. Our weather has been great, … Continued