Brothers at Deerhorn

I always take brother pictures each session. But this session when I announced that I was taking brother pictures after breakfast, I couldn’t believe how many kids showed up. I guess I hadn’t looked at a list to realize how … Continued

A Beauty of a Day

Northwoods weather is funny. Last night and this morning, there was no rain in the forecast until 8:00 tonight. Then suddenly around 3:30 this afternoon it got dark and cloudy and started raining. Even the weather app showed no rain … Continued

Everything is Magic

Another hallmark of D session is their excitement about everything. Everything is magic at Camp Deerhorn. There are dogs running around all day at camp that you can play with anytime you want? Magic. The camp store is full of … Continued

The Deerhorn Decathlon

We love Sundays at Deerhorn! We get to sleep in an extra hour and have breakfast at 9am instead of 8. There are always a lot of cheers when that is announced on Saturday night! Breakfast this morning was chocolate … Continued

So Much

I could tell you about how the weather was gorgeous again today, with sunny skies and mid 80s. I could tell you that Sports and Games played ultimate frisbee on the soccer field. I could tell you how cool it … Continued


  5:15am.   That’s the time that the first of the D session kids decided it was time to wake up this morning. 😉 There just is no time to waste when you’re only here for ten days. This morning … Continued

Ready, Set, GO!

D session is our last camper-only session of the summer. It always fills the fastest every fall, and it’s always full of lots of young kids, and also lots of first-year campers. This year we have 135 kids in D … Continued

C Session Goodbyes

And just like that…three weeks is over. We had a great awards breakfast this morning, where we passed out our typical end-of-session awards like Most Improved awards for each activity, and patches earned for stars. The 11 and under tennis … Continued

The Last Full Day

Somehow three weeks has passed and C Session ends tomorrow. It’s always amazing to us how our longest session can fly by so quickly. This morning after blueberry pancakes and sausage for breakfast, kids had their last three periods of … Continued

Monkey Monday

Today was Sunday in the land of Deerhorn. We flipped Sunday and Monday schedules so that our Voyagers were back to do the Monkey Relays. So we slept in an hour and had breakfast at 9. Kids enjoyed free time … Continued