Wind & Sun & Koogee Fun

Yesterday’s storms gave way to blue skies and sunshine today…and WIND! It was a really windy day today, which was great for sailing, but not so much for canoeing and skiing. With highs in the 70s and plentiful sunshine, it … Continued

Ready for Team Comp!

It’s always a very exciting day when the teams are drafted and announced. Our third activity period of the day was shortened just a little so we had time to announce teams, pass out shirts, and get team pictures. Breakfast … Continued

Finally Warm!

After a little bit cooler start to the summer, today it finally warmed up! All of our kids took their swim tests today, so they were very grateful for sunshine and temps in the high 80s! The first two days … Continued

A Session is Here!

While we love our Father Son camps, we are so excited to start our first camper-only session today. These A session kids will be here for 10 days and they arrived at camp with lots of excitement and smiles and … Continued

Fishing in the Rain

We have to admit…the forecast for today was not good. It was calling for rain all day during our guided fishing. And even though it did rain for a couple of hours, that didn’t stop the fishing fun! A few … Continued

The Rave is Back!

Because we were closed in the summer of 2020, our water trampoline stayed in storage for an extra year. And during that extra year, mice decided to have their own party with the Rave. When we pulled it out in … Continued

More Father Son Fun!

Today started another four day Father Son camp. It’s another great mix of dads who have been here for years along with those new to the Deerhorn Family. We even have five grandpas joining us for this Father Son session. … Continued

Fishing is Fun

It was a beautiful day for guided fishing out on the lake! No muskies were caught, but a few were spotted, and dads and sons caught quite a few bluegill, sunfish, smallmouth bass, and others. Most importantly, they had tons … Continued

Rain to Sun

The rain we had overnight stuck around for most of the morning, but it was a light drizzle. Many activities continued as usual. The craft shop was busy today, as usual during Father Son camp, with dads and sons creating … Continued

Here We Go!

The day dawned bright and beautiful to kick off our 2022 summer with our first Father Son camp. All day, families rolled into camp, with kids piling out of the car as fast as they could, ready to hit the … Continued