The Last Goodbyes

It’s the saddest day of the summer. Today ends the last regular camper session for the summer of 2023. Some staff will stay on for our two Father Son sessions, but many of our staff left today, along with the Leaders, and 135 other campers. If ever there was a testament to how deep love […]

Second to Last

Here we are…the last full day of D session and the second to last day of all of our camper-only sessions for the summer of 2023.  Summers at Deerhorn remind me of those early days of having a baby…the days and nights can be so long, and you’re so tired…but suddenly, you blink, and they’re […]

Keepin’ It Cool

Whew! It’s a hot one today at Camp Deerhorn! The temperature is in the high 80s, but it’s also really humid, which is not a typical Northwoods summer day. When the heat and humidity get this high, it’s time for some of the activities to head to the waterfront. Basketball, tennis, and horseback riding all […]

A Boyhood Adventure

They say that Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth…but we think it’s Camp Deerhorn. Where else can you celebrate Skatie’s 10th birthday, get crafty, sail, play tennis, bike trails through the woods, shoot hoops and bows and arrows, ride horses, play disc golf, and kayak…all before dinner? The session is flying by and time […]

D is for Deerhorn Brothers

We did brother pictures after breakfast this morning, and it made us realize how many brothers are here right now enjoying Deerhorn together! Not only are there lots of Deerhorn brothers here, but there are also lots of sets of THREE brothers here together. It’s so great to see! I was on staff at Deerhorn […]

D Session Koogee Fun

Koogee pictures are some of our favorites to take. Kids love hanging out with their friends in their koogee and it’s fun to get to see personalities come out in photos. Whether serious or silly, the koogee pics are always a highlight. You can also notice the koogees that shop together in the store! 😉 […]

Deerhorn Conquest

We love Sundays at Deerhorn! We all love the break from the normal schedule, but we especially love getting to sleep in an extra hour! Breakfast this morning was quesadillas, stuffed with eggs, sausage, cheese, and hash browns. So good! After breakfast, kids enjoyed some rare free time around camp. There were games of ultimate […]

All Smiles

Day 3 of D session is in the books and it was another great one! The day dawned sunny and beautiful, with a lot less heat and mugginess than we’ve had the rest of this past week. When kids arrive at Deerhorn, they are put into activity groups with kids their own age. They have […]

The D Session Team Draft

5:45am. That’s what time the first D session campers decided to start the day today, and by 6:30, camp was full of kids on the baseball field, soccer field, playing tether ball, and tennis. Because when you’ve waited all summer to come to Camp Deerhorn, there is NO TIME TO WASTE. We had some strong […]

D Session Excitement

It’s finally here! The session that these kids have waited all summer for. The session that filled in 8 minutes and still has a waitlist 40 deep. The session that so many kids choose because it’s the only one that works with their baseball and lacrosse schedules. The session that is louder and more energetic […]