It’s Been 3 Weeks Already?

Three weeks always seems like such a long time. It’s our longest session of the summer and when it’s over it’s hard to know where time went! We packed a lot into this session…our C10 kids were here for the first half…our E kids left Sunday after their first week at Deerhorn…The Voyagers spent 8 […]

The 2023 Monkey Relays

As I mentioned yesterday, we switched Sunday afternoon with Monday afternoon. So today was Monday morning regular activities. But after lunch, it was time for the Grandaddy of them all…The Monkey Relays, which have been happening at Deerhorn since 1930! The energy at camp was electric, with monkey calls echoing through the lodge at lunch […]

The Boys are Back in Town

This morning after breakfast, we said goodbye to our 18 Spike Buck campers. From what we heard, they all had a blast and can’t believe the week is already over. We hope they all will join us again next summer, this time for longer! Our schedule today and tomorrow is a little mixed up. We […]

Wonder & Magic

Every morning, like clockwork, they are there, waiting for me at the drink machine at 7:15. Mostly Spike Bucks, but a few others as well. When I fill the grab bag column, they try to guess what flavor is going to be first to come out if they put in a token right after I […]

Hello, Sunshine!

After several grey, cloudy days with periodic rain showers, we were thrilled to wake to sunshine this morning! It was a chilly morning, but it quickly warmed into the low 80s, and we basked in the sun that had been hiding for the last few days. It was a very welcome sight! Breakfast this morning […]

Rainy Adventures

We awoke to some rain showers this morning, so some of our first two periods of activities went inside to play. Tennis and waterfront activities headed to the lodge and rec hall to play games there. Luckily, the rain quit mid-morning and all activities resumed as normal. It’s definitely been cloudy and cooler the rest […]

Loving Life

For any of our Spike Buck parents who are worried that their sons are homesick, please know that homesickness has not been a major issue with these kids. We had a couple who struggled the first night, but on day four, those days are in the past. A lot of them were there to greet […]

Early Birds

There is no doubt that our Spike Bucks have arrived at camp when it’s 6am and there are already kids running all over the place. The rest of the kids at camp have been here for 2 weeks, and many are older. But Spike Bucks just arrived and there is NO TIME TO WASTE. Half […]

2023 Spike Bucks

Today was a very exciting day at Deerhorn! Every year, while our Voyagers are out of camp for 8 days on their expedition, we host a 1 week session for 7-10 year olds who are coming to camp for the first time. We affectionately call them our Spike Bucks. Today, 18 VERY excited kids arrived […]

Voyagers and Stags

The day is finally here! After weeks of preparation and months of anticipation, our Voyagers finally got on the road this morning for their 8 day expedition. They traveled 6 hours north to Voyageurs National Park to spend the next 8 days sea kayaking. They were so excited that the day was finally here! They […]