Brothers of All Ages

I started doing brother pictures awhile back, just to make sure I got a pic of brothers who were sharing the Deerhorn experience together. But these days, every time I make the announcement, it’s not just brothers who show up. It’s cousins, and friends, boys who just want their photo taken together…boys who consider themselves brothers at Deerhorn, even if they aren’t related.

Sharing Deerhorn with your brother definitely brings you closer together. It’s a shared experience outside of your own family, away from friends and commitments at home. Some brothers hang out all the time, while others enjoy the space that camp allows. But whether they hang out all the time, or want space apart from each other, brothers are always here at camp to support each other!

Doing “brother” pictures also illuminates how friendships at Deerhorn know no age limits. Kids from 8 all the way up to 16 hang out together. The Littles look up to the Bigs and the Bigs are kind and caring enough to include them in hanging out around camp. It’s something that just doesn’t happen on the playground at school and it’s really kind of magical to watch happen at camp.

It was a beautiful, sunny, 75 degree day here at Camp Deerhorn. Our C7 boys left this morning bubbling over with stories and ready to come back next year for longer. We are thrilled they had such a good time and packed so much fun into one week. The rest of us are glad we still have two more weeks together!


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