Change of Plans

Remember when I said yesterday that the Monkey Relays were happening today? Apparently I was just kidding. 😉 For some reason, over the last several years, it has always rained on the day of the Monkey Relays, and this year was no exception. Some years we have started the relays and had to stop and hold position until the weather got better. This year, it was clear that it was going to rain all day, so they have been postponed until tomorrow.

Most days around here lately have been sunny with blue skies…so I guess we can’t complain too much! Regardless, Sundays are a great break from the routine, and they are the only day where we are sure what day it is! When UPS drops off a package on Friday afternoons and says, “Have a good weekend,” we always pause and think, “Right, the weekend. That’s a thing!” The other six days a week are the same routine and so Sunday gives a great opportunity to hit the pause button a little.

So while it’s not the Sunday we had planned, and we had to move a few things around, sometimes rainy days are also a good break. Tomorrow’s forecast looks better, so hopefully the Monkeys can resume tomorrow!

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