Chariots of Fire

Today was one of the biggest Sunday events of the summer, The Chariots of Fire, second only to the Monkey Relays that will be coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s such a fun afternoon, watching all the teams work together. Each team is divided into smaller groups, and they have to go complete various tasks, some of them taking on the “gods” of certain activities, like sailing or archery.  After each task has been completed, and the god has been “slayed,” the team gets a piece of their chariot. They take it up to the soccer field and when all the pieces have been collected, the leader puts together their chariot and then they are pulled across the soccer field by their team. Counselors wear togas to lunch and the song Chariots of Fire is played on the intercom. It is an absolute blast and kids love the excitement. (Though most will go to bed even more exhausted tonight from all the running!) For a complete set of pictures from today’s awesome event, click HERE. Apache emerged victorious, followed by a close race for 2nd with Iroquois edging out the Chippewa. And the Navajo gave a great performance to come in fourth.

Otherwise, it was another great Sunday here at camp, full of sunshine.  We slept in an hour, had cinnamon toast for breakfast, and then enjoyed an unstructured morning. Lots of kids played ultimate frisbee, street hockey, or worked on projects in the craft shop. At noon, Barbara gave a great talk about a line of the Creed that says “Be a Booster rather than a Knocker,” and challenged everyone to think of one way they could be a Booster to someone else today.

We had Thanksgiving dinner for lunch at 1, and then The Chariots of Fire started at 3, followed by General Swim at 5. Dinner tonight was brats and hot dogs on the beach, followed by koogee time. Tonight’s performers at the campfire amazed us once again with their talent!

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