Deer Tracks

Welcome to the new Deerhorn blog! With our new website comes a new venture into blog world. During the summer, we blog every day, mostly discussing what’s going on at camp that day. We’ll share pictures, videos, team competition updates, and even what’s on the menu at camp! It’s a great way for parents to keep in touch with daily life at camp. During the off-season, however, we plan on blogging about topics that are pertinent to camp, and what it’s like to be a camp parent. We want you to understand why a summer at camp is more than just 2 weeks of fun, it’s an investment in your son’s future. We want to be your partners in helping to raise amazing, strong, kind, self-reliant young men.  In today’s world, boys need all the powerful, positive role models they can get…and Deerhorn provides dozens of amazing role models every summer.  We feel really lucky to have been a part of the growth of thousands of young men over the years. It is our privilege to help them mature from young campers to counselors we are proud to have on staff. Watching formerly homesick campers return as phenomenal staff members…nothing could make us prouder.

2 thoughts on “Deer Tracks

    Our grandson Kolben Kasten is gong to be a first yr camper arriving June 23rd. Our son Chris Kasten attended Camp Deerhorn about 33 yrs ago and loved it. We hope our grandson feels the same way. Joan Kasten

    Joan, that’s so great! We love having second generation campers come to camp. He’s going to have a great summer!

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