Fishing Finale

We woke to cloudy skies, but eventually the sun peeked its way out by lunchtime and it turned into a beauty of a day. We are always grateful when we have good weather for our guided fishing day. Dads and sons had a great time all day, going out with our guides for an hour of fishing on the lake. Some went for the sure thing, fishing for bluegills and sunfish, while others held out for the musky, the fish of 10,000 casts. There were lots of smaller fish caught today, but that musky remained elusive. No matter how many fish were caught, the consensus was dads and sons had a blast with the guides!

Dads and sons made the most of their last full day of Father Son camp, working on their golf, tennis, and basketball skills with some of our counselors, getting up with friends behind the ski boat, or getting that final launch in off the Rave. At 4:30, we had a dads vs staff softball game, and everyone is excited for fathers vs staff vs kids Braveheart after dinner. We’ll end this final full day of the summer with another amazing campfire!

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