It’s Good to See You Again

We love B session. It marks the beginning of our five week leadership programs for  our 15 year old Voyagers and Pioneers.  That means that we get to see 25 faces of boys we’ve known for years. We’ve watched them grow up and become fantastic young men who we’re proud to call part of the Deerhorn family. We love watching them become role models for our younger campers, and showing new campers around, answering their questions. It’s such a fun mix, the many new faces who are spending their first summer with us, along with boys we’ve known what feels like forever.

B session is bursting with enthusiasm…and with campers, as we’re full to capacity this session. Kids climbed down off the bus this afternoon, running to the koogee list, running to koogee row, running to find the friends they haven’t seen in a year. Before the buses arrived, kids who were already here were placed in activity groups by age and did activities like sprout ball, beach volleyball, and mountain biking. Kids who just arrived today got their swim tests done and moved into their koogees.

Breakfast this morning was french toast, lunch was cold cuts, and dinner was the traditional first-night-of-camp spaghetti dinner. Once the buses arrived, everyone moved in, met their koogee mates, and took their swim tests. Before dinner we had a meeting to introduce the staff, and after dinner campers were split in half to play capture the flag.

Although the day started pretty chilly, we all enjoyed the day of sunshine mother nature brought us. B session is off to a great start! Thank you to all of you parents out there for sharing your boys with us this session! For pictures of today’s activities and bus arrival, click HERE.

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