Hooray for Today

We woke up to clouds and rain this morning, but not long after breakfast the rain had stopped, making way for a warm, mostly sunny day at Deerhorn. Breakfast was blueberry pancakes and lunch was chicken tenders. Sports & Games played Quidditch on the soccer field…minus the flying broomsticks, of course! It’s yet another crazy game invented by our counselors over the years. I’m sure your son can explain all of his favorite games when he gets home from camp. We can’t believe that C session ends a week from today. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! Our Voyagers periodically check in with a very informative “We’re fine.” text. We are glad that things are good with them. Otherwise, it’s business as usual around here. OurĀ  C session campers love this session because it’s the longest one of the summer, and gives them three full weeks to really settle into the camp routine. Our E and F session boys have integrated seamlessly into the flow of C session. They are having a great time, with hardly any homesickness to be seen! Don’t forget that all of the photos from this session can be found on our Shutterfly site.




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