How do YOU “Live the Creed”

The Deerhorn Creed is an integral part of daily life at Camp Deerhorn. It is the foundation upon which we were built and it continues to be the guiding force in creating the safe atmosphere where kids can grow. The Creed is mentioned many times a day as we talk about going out and “being a good person” and remembering to “Live the Creed.”


Over the past few months, we have shared several examples of athletes and celebrities who are perfect examples of what we mean when we talked about “Living the Creed.”  There’s Tim Tebow, who hosted proms all over the country for kids with special needs.  There’s John Cena, who has granted more wishes for Make-A-Wish than any other single person. There’s the Father Son duo who has been running triathlons for years, despite the fact that his son is disabled. Other amazing stories of strength and determination can be found HERE and HERE.


But we know that it’s not just celebrities or endurance athletes who demonstrate tenets of the Creed.  We are surrounded by people who every day show us kindness, compassion, strength, and improvement.  We are declaring March the month of the Deerhorn Creed.  We want to hear YOUR stories of how the Deerhorn Creed has become part of you or your son’s life.  Maybe it’s in big ways, as he volunteers in soup kitchens or helps organize a coat drive. Maybe he lives the Creed when he loses a tough fought basketball game with such grace that he is the first to congratulate the winning team.  Maybe it’s in little ways that he is kind to his siblings, or helps around the house.

We want to share these stories with the Deerhorn family.  If you could take the time to send photos, videos, or even just a short paragraph to us, showing examples of your Deerhorn camper “Living the Creed,” we will share them on our Facebook page during the month of March.  We know there are hundreds of examples and we can’t wait to hear all about them.  You can send any submissions to Let’s show the world what it means to “Live the Creed.”



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