Life as a camp director is always hectic. Days are crazy and long and it’s easy to get bogged down in the logistics and lose the big picture. And then there are moments. Moments that remind us of why we do what we do. Moments that show us that we are not just giving these boys a fun summer but teaching them how to grow into amazing men. Moments that come when we least expect them, and that often take us by surprise.

This afternoon was an entire afternoon of team competition…flag football, dodgeball, basketball, etc, for the first two periods of the afternoon, followed by everyone’s favorite, the last period of all camp Scalp. And Scalp is an intensely competitive game. As you’ll see from our Shutterfly pictures from today, kids go all out for the fierce competition of Scalp. War paint, feathers, team colors and intense focus. But in the midst of all the competition, these amazing moments emerge. Boys offering a hand to the guy he just got out, helping him up off the ground. Pats on the back, and hugs, and high fives between members of different teams. One of the lines of our creed says “To play every game on the level, win modestly, lose gracefully, and always have a kind word for the opposing side.” The younger guys are still learning the ways of the creed, so there is a little more bickering on the baseball field. But on the soccer field, where the older boys play, they get it, and beautiful sportsmanship is shown.

Jamie is 15 and is one of the only 15 year olds who is going home tomorrow, and not staying for C session. Playing his last game of Scalp as a camper was an emotional afternoon. Most of us might not think that a game of Scalp could hold such emotion.  But the coolest thing was that so many seniors understood the importance of that last game of Scalp that Jamie won for his team. They understood how sad he was, and after it was over, camper after camper came up to him to give him hugs or high fives…campers from all four camp teams.  It was incredible to watch. And those are the moments that make us so proud. We may have four camp teams, but we are a family. And today that family showed support to one of its own.






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    I know Jamie quite well and I know what your camp and that game must have meant to him…he is a gem…xoxo

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