Monkey Mania

Bananas hanging in the dining hall and monkey calls heard throughout camp can only mean one thing…it’s time for the 2021 Monkey Relays!  We all enjoyed the sleep in this morning, having tater tot casserole and sausage for breakfast at 9. Kids had some free time this morning, hanging out with friends, and some playing ultimate frisbee on the soccer field. Max Placido gave a Words of Wisdom speech at at the campfire ring, reflecting on the difficulty of the past year.

At 3:00, it was time for the grandaddy of them all, the Monkey Relays! They have been happening at Deerhorn since 1930. The relay involves every activity in camp, and some invented ones as well. Teams have to carry a ping  pong ball on a spoon from event to event. Normally the relays end with the Leader of each team building a sandcastle on the beach. But since we have 8 Leaders this year, this year the Monkeys started AND ended with a sandcastle!

After a hard fought race, the Apache took first place, followed by the Navajo, Chippewa, and Iroquois. All photos from today’s event will be posted tomorrow afternoon. After dinner, all kids gathered for koogee time and we all enjoyed another amazing Deerhorn campfire!

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