Polar Opposites

Wisconsin weather is weird. Yesterday it was chilly, windy, and it was spitting rain off and on all day. Grey and cloudy, we were all dressed in layers all day.  Today could not have been more different! We woke to a warmer morning, the sun shone all day, and it got up into the 80s. Breakfast this morning was french toast  bake and sausage, lunch was pulled pork and tater tots, and dinner was beef and broccoli with cherry cobbler for dessert. Sports and Games played Klepton, which is another crazy game made up by counselors over the years. It involves teams trying to “unite the ions” by stealing the other team’s ions and bringing it back to their side, like Capture the Flag, but with some dodgeball thrown in! Since tomorrow is the 4th of July, and there’s lots of things planned, tonight after dinner was the counselor show. Kids love watching the staff perform all kinds of  hilarious skits. It was another day at Deerhorn jam-packed with fun, but don’t take my word for it! The pictures speak for themselves!






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