Rain by Seven, Sun by Eleven

We woke up this morning to rain and clouds. And though it rained most of the morning, by 11am the rain had passed and the sun even made a few appearances this afternoon! Morning activities were mostly inside today, as kids played board games, rafter ball, and games in Deerhorn Hall. Some activities continued as usual, like horseback riding learning skills in the barn, arts & crafts, and riflery, since the shooting range is covered.


Breakfast was bacon and egg biscuit sandwiches, lunch was chicken tenders and mac & cheese, and dinner was beef & broccoli and rice. Afternoon activities were back to normal. Kids have activities every other day, with six activities one day and the other six the next. The only activity they have every day is Sports & Games because we combine two activity groups into one to be able to play team sports and fun games. Today they played Balco Ball on the baseball field, which is a wiffle ball bat and ball wrapped in duct tape and played in the outfield of the baseball field. Just one of a ton of fun Deerhorn originals!


Kids were psyched to find out at dinner that the Braveheart that was rained out last night was happening tonight after dinner! It’s everybody’s favorite game! Kids are settling in well, and there has been minimal homesickness. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is already day 4!



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