Rainy Adventures

We awoke to some rain showers this morning, so some of our first two periods of activities went inside to play. Tennis and waterfront activities headed to the lodge and rec hall to play games there. Luckily, the rain quit mid-morning and all activities resumed as normal. It’s definitely been cloudy and cooler the rest of the day, but these boys don’t let that slow them down!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, sausage, and cheesy potatoes, and lunch was au jus sandwiches and tater tots. Sports and Games is playing World Cup soccer on the soccer field. Our Voyagers are safe and happy, though still pretty wet. They changed their itinerary to shorten one of their paddle days yesterday. They were all grateful for that, as it rained a good portion of the day yesterday. Today, however, the sun is shining in Voyageurs National Park, and they are loving life up like these kids are at camp!

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