The Summer of 2023 is Finally Here!

We are off and running! Today kick’s off our summer with our first Father Son camp! We could not ask for better weather to start our summer. We’ve had two weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures and the lake is just begging for us to jump in it!


The waterfront was a hopping place all day, with blue sunny skies and temps in the 80s. Dads and sons had a blast going down the waterslide, paddling kayaks, sailing, skiing, and doing some massive launches off the Rave.

Other popular activities today included Sprout Ball, tennis, archery, and riflery. Families arrived throughout the day, settled into their koogees, and were off and running to activities! Lunch today was burgers and tater tots. We have activities running all afternoon, and dinner will be at 6. We’ll have some organized team sports after dinner, followed by our first campfire of 2023. Don’t forget that all of our photos for the summer of 2023 can be found on our SmugMug site.

The smiles abound, as we’re all so happy to be back at Deerhorn together! We’re off to a great start. Hooray for 2023!



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