Welcome to 2024!

It’s finally here! The summer of 2024 kicked off today with the start of our 1st Father Son session. The weather wasn’t anything to brag about, but there was no shortage of fun! The forecast kept saying there was a 20% chance of rain, which should be an 80% chance of NOT rain…and yet somehow the rain kept coming. It would clear for awhile, and activities would get underway again, and then out of nowhere it would just start showering again. But fathers and sons didn’t let it stop their first day of Deerhorn fun!

This group of fathers and sons are a great mix of returning families and new faces. There are also a lot of guys here who were campers themselves and are back for the first time in decades, this time with their own son! We love hearing how they don’t think much has changed in the 30 years since they’ve been back. It’s also awesome watching them reconnect with guys who were campers too. Nothing better than the full Deerhorn circle!

There was lots of action at archery, riflery, and arts and crafts. We even managed a few horseback rides between showers, and several fun games of Sprout Ball on the golf green. Our Deerhorn Hall got lots of action today too, as families played indoor games when it was raining. There were even some brave souls out on the Rave today!  Lunch today was french bread pizza and caesar salad, and dinner was ribs and broccoli. After dinner, dads and sons played some team sports before gathering at 8 for our first Deerhorn campfire of the summer of 2024. All of our photos from this summer will be posted on our SmugMug site, but this first round won’t be uploaded until later tonight since our internet has been having some issues today. We are off and running for the summer of 2024!



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