Windy & Warm

We were so grateful for no rain today! It was warm and muggy all day, with the temps climbing into the high 80s and winds gusting off the lake all day.  It was so warm that horseback riding and basketball headed down to the beach for the afternoon for some water basketball.  The waterfront was a hopping place all day, with trips down the slide and out to the Rave, kids building sandcastles and swimming inside the A-Dock.


Breakfast this morning was french toast bake and sausage, lunch was delicious pepperoni pizza and caesar salad, and dinner was brisket, potatoes, and bread, with banana pudding for dessert. Sports and Games played Star Wars on the baseball field. It’s yet another crazy game invented by our Deerhorn staff over the years. When your camper gets home, he can explain how to play all the Deerhorn games!




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