A Fun Day of Fishing

We weren’t sure what to expect from today’s weather, because they were calling for a chance of storms all day. But other than some clouds and about a half hour of rain, it was a perfectly great day at camp! We were glad the rain mostly missed us! Today was our last full day of Father Son 3, and our guided fishing day is always one to look forward to!

Eric Noshay caught a 35 inch musky in the first trip of the morning! But although there were lots of sightings and close calls throughout the day, that was the only musky landed today. However, there were a few Northern Pikes caught today, including a 30 inch Northern caught by Asher Woods!

One thing all the families could agree on was that they had a lot of fun out on the lake with our guides.

Breakfast this morning was biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Lunch was the fan-favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup, and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner tonight! Families packed in a full day of activities, and there may have even been a few naps taken this afternoon during the rain. Rain on a metal koogee roof makes for great napping!

The Hobie saw lots of action today as the storms nearby brought lots of wind across the lake, perfect for sailing! We are grateful that the Charltons donated this fun boat to camp this spring, and even more grateful that Nick and RP are great at sailing it! Fathers and sons had so much fun out on the Hobie today.

After dinner tonight, it’s time for some fathers vs kids vs staff Braveheart, where everybody tries to pull the flags of the other teams before they get pulled themselves! And we’ll cap off the great day by another campfire with incredible entertainers. This is a really great group of dads and sons and we have been grateful to get to spend the past three days with them!

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