A Look Back at Leaders:Ryan Kennedy

Every spring, we ask our Leader’s parents to submit a blog, looking back on their son’s years at Deerhorn. It’s a fun way for everyone to get to know our new group of leaders. This group promises once again to be stellar, and our first blog looks back on the Deerhorn career of Ryan Kennedy. Ryan is from Winnetka, IL, and will be returning for his 7th summer at Deerhorn to lead the Apache. Many thanks to his parents for sharing their words and photos with us!

This summer will be Ryan’s 7th year at Deerhorn, and we have so many fond memories of his experiences there.  Our earliest memory is Ryan’s interest in Deerhorn and his willingness to go solo as a 9 year old. I’ll never forget dropping him at the bus that first year, the nerves of not knowing what to expect, let alone who he’d sit with on the bus, affecting all of us.

We scoured the Deerhorn photos everyday anxious to see that first glimpse of our child alone away from home for the first time.  In the very first photo we saw, Ryan had a full grin on his face and we knew we had found the right place for him.

Each summer, Ryan would come home with stories of his experiences from mountain biking to hockey to water skiing.  Additionally, Ryan’s friendships with his koogee mates were profoundly influential. Learning to live, work, and play with boys he didn’t know previously taught him important life lessons in building and sustaining friendships.

Year after year, Ryan’s commitment to Deerhorn continued to grow; 10 days, two weeks, three weeks, Voyager and now an entire summer!  Deerhorn will forever be a special place in Ryan’s mind and soul.  Ryan’s summers have been guided by the Deerhorn Creed, and we couldn’t be prouder of the young man he has become.

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