Goodbye to a Friend

It is with heavy hearts that we once again have to share news of the passing of one of our own. Andrew Block, who was a longtime camper and then counselor, passed away in his sleep two days ago. As a camper, he was well loved by staff and peers alike, a kind and hilarious kid who made friends everywhere he went.

He loved Camp Deerhorn with a passion, and was over the moon to get to come back two summers ago and work on staff. He always had a smile on his face, so happy to be back in the place he loved. He always just wanted to help wherever he was needed.

Andrew gave love easily and was quick with a hug or a shoulder to lean on. He loved hanging out with the kids in his koogee as much as with the staff. His sense of humor and easy smile made kids feel at home at Deerhorn. He was a loyal friend to many and endlessly loyal to the Deerhorn Family. He will be deeply missed by so many.

Our hearts are with the Block Family as they struggle through this unimaginable loss. We send so much love. Andrew’s visitation will be Thursday, March 7 from 5-8pm at Wenban Funeral Home, 320 Vine Avenue, Lake Forest, IL 60045. The funeral will be Friday, March 8th at 10am at Church of St. Mary 175 East Illinois Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045. More details can be found here:

Any questions can be emailed to Once again, the Deerhorn Family is faced with yet another loss. But, as always, we will get through it together.

24 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Friend

    Hi I am Andrews Grandma. These words are so true. He loved Deerhorn. He was so proud to be a part of your wonderful organization. Thank for the wonderful tribute to my sweet grandson. We are all heartbroken and can’t picture life without Andrew

    Hi Gina,We are so truly sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful guy, a friend to all. We will miss him. Sending your family so much love.

    Mrs T,
    I have experienced this same kind of loss. My brother passed away last year. The only comfort I had was knowing that Jesus was taking care of him now. My brothers in heaven. Just knowing that he’s happy and perfect I can find peace. I just wanted you to know that I’m praying for your family and your not alone. My sincere condolences.

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute. My son is my best friend. So proud so tragic. Be grateful for every breath we take, life is to short. Love not hate, give not take, share not withhold, and forgive not resent is how I remember my beautiful son.

    Hi Bill…we are so deeply sorry for this tragic loss. He was a great kid. We send our love.

    I didn’t know Andrew but scores of people did and loved him. I hope you don’t mind if I use the quote you used about your son. It’s what I wish for everyone esp my eight grandchildren. My two of my triplet grandchildren attended Deerhorn on military scholarship and that three week experience is still with them. God bless. Barb Whittington.

    Hi Barb, Thanks for reaching out. The family can use all the support we can give them right now.

    I cannot imagine the heartbreak you and your lovely wife, Catherine are experiencing along with your 3 beautiful daughters and your extended family and friends. Although we’ve moved from Lake Bluff to St. Petersburg, Fl. I have incredibly beautiful memories of Catherine, an amazing example of a devoted mother and an incredibly special woman. She and I related in such a positive and unique way whenever our paths crossed. We shared stories of our love and pride and the endless joys of motherhood. My daughter, Lindsay was close in age to your son. Catherine always showed genuine interest in Lindsay’s life happenings. Please Bill, hug Catherine for me. I would love to hear from her. I send my deepest condolences to each of you.

    This is Andrew’s cousin and I wanted to say thank you so much for this. It means a lot to the family when people speak so nicely of him. <3

    Thanks for reaching out, Leah. We can’t imagine what you all are going through. He was a wonderful kid.

    Andrew was one of my best friends at camp. He taught me archery and I will miss him. I can’t believe it.

    Hi Nate. I know it’s so hard to believe. We are sending you hugs from afar. I know how much it means to his family to hear from all of his friends. Thanks for reaching out.

    I don’t have words. He welcomed me into staff with open arms and calmed my nerves. Just an outstanding human being.

    Hi Peter…it is another deep blow for the Deerhorn Family. He would love knowing how important he was in your life.

    I have so many words I can write at this moment about Andrew. He was my big brother, my mentor, my best friend. So loving so caring and so understanding. He never complained. He loved everyone he met and always carried a smile on his face. He was such a great guy. Thank you so much for writing this about Andrew. I’ll never forget when I drove him to the bus in Wilmette two summers ago. He was so excited. We jammed to music the whole time as we usually do and he was telling me all these funny stories about how campers and life at Deerhorn. He loved you all so much. Thank you again for this amazing read. I’m Anna, the oldest of the three girls. Love to all. Love to Andrew.

    HI Anna… “It is the depth of our love that will determine the depth of our grieving.” – Jane Goodall. We can only imagine the depth of grieving for someone who was so loved, especially in your family. The Deerhorn Family is with you and we send love.

    I miss my brother so much words can’t even begin to describe. Thank you so much for these kind words. It means so much.

    Olivia, we send so much love. I can’t imagine what you and your sisters are going through. We will all miss him.

    I’m Andrew’s aunt. His mom is my sister. I can’t thank you enough for this tribute. I think Deerhorn May have been the happiest place on earth to Andrew. I hope you’ll always feel his presence….

    Thanks for reaching out, Amy. We will all miss his smile and warmth at camp, and we will all try to be the good friend to others that he was to us.

    5 years – still not a day goes by he is not missed from the North Woods to Chicago. Gosh what a wonderful father and husband he would have made. I promise my children will know Andrew in spirit!

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