A Session Brothers

We love taking Deerhorn brother pictures! We make the announcement at a meal for anyone who has a brother to meet outside the lodge after the meal. What’s even more fun is the kids who show up who aren’t brothers, but just want their pictures taken together. They say, “We’re Deerhorn brothers!” Speaking from experience, I can tell you there’s nothing more special than sharing Deerhorn with your brother. They get space from each other when they need it but spend time together when they want to. And what a help it is for little brothers to know their big brother is there if they need him! Watching that relationship grow at camp is pretty special, and watching kids make friends who they come to consider brothers is special too. Most of our staff were campers together at Deerhorn, and they will definitely tell you their Deerhorn friendships are deeper than any other.



Breakfast this morning was chocolate chip pancakes, which was obviously a huge crowd favorite! Sports and Games is playing Villages today, but the impending rain in the forecast may drive a lot of activities inside this afternoon. Koogee 18 won inspection this week, so they will get to go see a movie tonight! We had a great campfire last night. So many talented staff sharing their voice. We usually do an Instagram Live to start each campfire, and that video is posted on our Instagram page.




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