The 2024 Deerhorn Treasure Hunt

The schedule at camp used to be we had regular activities Monday-Saturday and Sundays were a different schedule. We changed our sessions this summer to all be 11 days long, and decided that we didn’t want to have a Sunday schedule on day 2 or 3 of a new session, when kids had just gotten to camp. So we decided to call our “Sunday” a Special Day, and have it on day 7 of every session. So even though it was a regular Thursday in most parts of the world, at Camp Deerhorn it was our “Special Day.” And Special Days start off extra special because we get to sleep in an hour!


Breakfast this morning was sausage rolls and hash browns, and then it was time for some rare free time around camp. There were lots of activities going, like ultimate frisbee and basketball, but most kids chose to have some downtime and watch a movie in the basement of the Hall. They had called for rain today, but we were so glad that they were wrong again! At noon, George Landsberg gave a Words of Wisdom talk in the lodge and at 1 we had cheese quesadillas for lunch. After rest hour, at 3:00, it was time for the first big team event of the summer!


Today’s special event was the Deerhorn Treasure Hunt, where teams run all over camp gathering items on their treasure list and then the Leaders have to follow a map to dig up their treasure chest on the beach. The Eagles took the victory today, followed by the Bobcats, Bears, and Wolves. Kids had a great time! Dinner was spaghetti with chocolate cake for dessert. After dinner it was time for koogee time, and we’ll end the first Special Day of the summer with our first regular session campfire!



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