After the Rain

There’s a saying that goes “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Here at Deerhorn, we prefer “It’s about learning to find the best mudsliding spot!” Yesterday’s weather wasn’t great, but the hours after dinner when the sky cleared and the sun came out were pretty magical. There are some great spots for mudsliding around camp, as you can see from the picture!

And after the sun came out, the Voyagers and Pioneers were able to get out on the water last night after dinner to practice kayak basic safety. And during evening activities, out came the rainbow!

And today the sun shone and activities were back in full swing.  Sports and Games played football all day. Pioneers leave Friday for their trip, and so spent much of the afternoon food packing. Breakfast was waffles and sausage, lunch was gyros, and we are all excited for Thanksgiving dinner tonight!

And in other exciting news, check out Henry Wood’s 48 in archery! Way to go, Henry! It’s been another great day at Deerhorn!


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