An Early Draft

The Leaders drafted teams early this morning, so kids got to find out before lunch what teams they are on. That always makes for excitement around camp! We were grateful to wake up to sunshine and blue skies today, with a high of 80 degrees. Way better than yesterday’s weather!

After scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy for breakfast, kids headed back to their koogees to clean up. At 9, they found out what activity group they were in, and it was off to the races! Sports and Games combines two activity groups each period, and it’s the only activity kids have every day. Today’s game was called Klepton, and you’ll have to ask your camper to explain it to you when he gets home! It’s definitely a camper favorite!

After dinner tonight will be all-camp Braveheart, which is everyone’s favorite camp game. Each team member has two flags and you’re trying to pull the other teams’ flags before one of yours gets pulled and you’re out! Last team standing wins! Lots of smiles around Deerhorn today. B session is off to a great start!

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